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Scope Abroad Consultancy which has the capability to provide admissions to various countries all over the world. We also providing training for
English Language Proficiency courses, IELTS, OET, PTE, TOEFL, Communicative English and German Language.Our well qualified
and dedicated team will help the candidates to fulfill their dreams.

What we provide for our candidates



There are various graduate courses that have many career options for students.As per the requirements of the students, they can take post
graduation also.


Scope Abroad helps students to pursue their dream of receiving world class education with a global perspective and helps to choose the right course and thereby secure life.


There are various graduate courses that have many career options for students.As per the requirements of the students, they can take post
graduation also.


Scope Abroad helps students to get admissions at acclaimed universities and institutions to do their research programs at favorite country
as they wish.


There are a lot of reasons why people choose to study a Medicine degree, some people choose it because of their passion while a few others opt it by foreseeing the financial benefits. Whatever be the reason, studying Medicine abroad is not just an option but a matter to be taken with serious forecasting.

Why choose Medicine as a career?

Diverse medical career opportunities, local as well as Global.

To learn people skill and many other skills which are appropriate for day to day life

A respectful career with great responsibilities

Scope of inventions for those interested

Job safety and high salary

A career that is always in demand

Nursing/Paramedical courses


Many prospective students in India choose ENGINEERING/IT as their career but most of them failed to achieve a successful career, whether it is a Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, IT Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, or any other, the real reason behind is still in quest. In this scenario arises the scope of accomplishing your Engineering dreams through studying abroad in the top most universities and

Why choose ENGINEERING/IT as a career?

Improved career opportunities globally

To share ideas with people from across the globe and acquire a global perspective on engineering

Chance for international networking

A stable demand for career

Paid internship and placements during the course period

Expand their way of thinking by tackling obstacles independently


Finance and Accounts is the back born of any enterprise; with the mushrooming of organization day by day the scope of this field is never declined. Studying abroad will provide the students with the best theoretical and practical experience that thrive the development and innovative ideas for a successful career.

Why choose FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS as a career?

A highly secure career for life

A decent chance of succeeding for self-employment hence being flexible.

Employment Prospects

Potential earnings


Visual media, this career had gained its popularity in the last few decades as the technological developments has influenced it immensely especially in the field of film, television, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, content writing many more. A career in this field offers ample employability and advancement in many ways.

Why choose VISUAL MEDIA as a career?

You can become well known globally and define your own place in the world

Get influenced by meeting people of your interest

Updates you with the modern culture and entertainment

Learn technological advancement at first

Fast growing industry

Work across various industries

Why everybody choosing Scope Abroad

Study and live anywhere in the world

Experienced Counselors

Our experienced counselors are the backbone of our success as well as the true guidance partners of many students.

Top Universities

We can guide students who wish to gain admission in top universities and institutions in all nations in the World. We believe in the quality of education and also helps people to set and achieve their career.

Transparency In Service

Our service is totally transparent and there will be periodic updates of the career opportunities from our side.

Want to study abroad ?
Scope Abroad is a Perfect choice for everyone.